Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Next Generation

Last week I was privileged to witness a show I'm glad that I could see first-hand. Well, actually, it was more than one show.

First, Cameron (my oldest nephew) performed in his first-ever talent show.

I remember the first talent show that I performed in, and it made me a nervous wreck! Cameron, I'm happy to say, didn't seem to have that problem. He did drop once, but kept going and didn't let it affect the rest of his performance. That kind of maturity really impressed me, and the rest of the family there to cheer him on. Equally impressive is the skill level of this kid. He's only really been practicing for the last year or so, and already he's juggling four balls, and doing tricks with 3 clubs/balls. He is sponging it up at a rate that is really kind of mind-blowing. Way to go, Cameron!

The other, and equally stunning performance came from my younger nephew, Dylan. Marlo and I went to his sixth-grade play about King Arthur. Guess who was king? Yes, it was "Your Royal Dylan-ness". Not only did he act and sing (something I never heard him do before), but he played in the orchestra while the audience took their seats...a trifecta of talent!

I just don't know where these guys get it from.

Well done boys...keep up the great work in sharing your beautiful gifts with the world!

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