Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Idle Hands...Are Something I Don't Have

What a crazy week it's been. It started at the end...the weekend, that is. Marlo and I left on Thursday night for a trip to Montreal to see an old friend from high school, Matt Secaur. Hi Matt! We had been planning on seeing the new Cirque du Soleil (I hope I'm spelling that right. Who can, other than the French?) show for nearly half a year. Ama Luna did not disappoint. Aside from one or two acts that were relatively flat, it had all of the energy you'd expect from a Cirque show.

After a wonderful three days in Canada watching the show and catching up with my old friend, we rushed back home for a corporate gig with the Fiserv group. Basically, the crowd was made up entirely of bankers, and I didn't know what to expect. Well, these guys knew how to party! Not only were they an exceptional crowd, but the after-party was lively as well. Bankers...who knew?
On top of all that, we got our new website up and running comepletely, and have added a producer-friendly version as well.

I hope this coming week is just as busy. It should be, as we are working on not one but TWO new routines. We'll keep you posted.

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