Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Life on the Road - Literally

Marlo and I have been keeping a secret from all but a select few. For the rest of you, here it is: we're now full-time RVers. Crazy, right? Maybe not so much...
From an early age, I knew I wanted to travel. Geography and Social Studies were near the top of the list of favorite school subjects. I loved traveling with my dad, the late Phillip Peachock, as he searched across the country for deals on collectibles (he was the original American Picker.) After Marlo and I got married, we spent much of our calendar year working on cruise ships. Heck, just this afternoon I was talking with a fellow juggler, who told me how lucky I was to have a wife that loved travel as much as I do.
So after we left the high seas, we spent 2014-2015 "full-timing" in our house in Ohio. It was no surprise to us that we quickly became restless. So, after many hours of research during our non-performing hours, we settled on this beauty:

Obviously, RVs have come a long way from cousin Eddie's motor home in "Christmas Vacation!"

Since we really only spent time in the kitchen, the bedroom, and the living room in our traditional house these past 10 years, we knew it'd be no sweat to pare it down to just those rooms and add wheels. Heck, when you consider that a cruise stateroom (which we lived a total of roughly 1700 days) are only 1/3 the size of our new home-sweet-home, the thing was going to feel palatial! Oh, and don't forget the 50-inch TV, washer/dryer, and fireplace.

Most people "got it". From our bank teller to folks at our (everything-must-go) garage sale to relatives, most people had reactions like "I wish I could do that! If only I could convince my wife/husband..." and "what amazing adventures you're going to have!" But of course, we already knew what we were doing, and that we were going to love every minute. Marlo gets to see her family in San Francisco November-March, and I get to kick it with my fam during the summer, with us flying to engagements as needed (or better yet, bringing our home with us!)
Is it bohemian? Have we fulfilled the requirements to become a cliché...circus vagabonds and traveling gypsies? It is, I suppose, for the reader to decide. But if you want my opinion, here it is: in our ever-increasingly mobile lifestyle, where oftentimes all you need is a camera/laptop/smartphone to do business, it's just the next logical step.

Here's to hoping you are all having the adventures you've planned for your life!

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