Wednesday, August 14, 2013

When you hire a comedian, you may be getting only half the show

There are all kinds of comedians - dry, slapstick, surreal, dirty, g-rated - but they generally share one trait - they are up there with nothing but a microphone. It's their brain and body and the audience.
A great many do a fabulous job with those ingredients and nothing more; however, you may be missing out on the opportunity to get more for your entertainment dollar.

How good variety acts provide more than clean comedy

Clean Comedian Mark Angelo
Comedy Variety Packs a One-Two Punch
It's difficult for a comedian to cover all the bases. They may have material that appeals to 60 percent of the audience, but what about the other 40 percent? People that buy tickets to see Jim Gaffigan already know his brand of comedy... they know what they are in for when they take their seats. You can assume that everyone at the show will leave the theater happy. If you bring a speaker to an event like an awards dinner, though, how can you give your audience more? What measures can you take to insure complete audience satisfaction? That's where adding a little variety comes in...

Be it a ventriloquist, comedy juggler, stage magician... variety artists offer an entirely different dimension. The good ones provide not only a first-rate comedic experience, but also add a bonus by bringing another area of expertise to the stage. By packing another "entertainment bullet", they are more likely to hit their target, which is to send everyone home with memories of a spectacular evening.

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