Monday, February 4, 2013

Why Entertainers and Event Planners Need Contracts

When it comes to event planning, there can be a million and one contracts to get signed  before the big day (depending upon the size of your bash) - catering, venue rental, a/v equipment...did you get one from your headline entertainer?

You might have found the ideal entertainer for your guests, and are willing to just hope that act will show up; however, if you don't get it in writing, it can be a crucial error. A contract is not just there to cover the interests of one party (as many would believe), it'll cover both...provided that is is written properly.


You know that you have integrity, and that you treat your business partners with fairness and good will. While most of the time you can expect the same in return, why take the chance? Be sure you hold your partners to the same standard you'd demand from yourself.

The Devil In The Details

Yes, we all hate it and roll our eyes when we have to read it, but the fine print is there for a reason - to avoid misunderstandings. When it's there in black and white, you can refer to it at any time. You can be sure of what each party expects, as well as making sure that your own corporate entertainment needs are met. The mind has a way of storing information that can't always be counted on, so even if you think all the details are agreed and settled upon by both yourself future potential headaches and get it down on paper!

While contracts aren't sexy or fun, they serve an essential purpose. Don't overlook them.

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