Monday, July 2, 2012

The Professional Mindset and Success That Follows

Being a Professional...  What is a "professional"? Often, the term is thought of as just "someone who gets paid for what he does". But I see it as being a bit deeper than that.

Being a professional is a state of mind.

Have a look at 50 Cent, John Williams (the composer), or someone that commands six-figure salaries. They need to be at the top of their game every time they are in front of people. But the truth is, they took their craft seriously a long time before anyone knew them. I've heard it said, after all, that overnight success takes roughly fourteen years.

Being a professional is a full-time mindset. Sometimes you'll do a show for charity, and though the pay is less than normal rates, the effort given is still 100%. Even if it's a street show, where there's no guarantee of "what you'll get" out of it, you can be sure that when you put every ounce of yourself into it, WHOEVER is watching will be seeing your very best. What I'm trying to say is that it's always the safest bet if you make a habit out of "walking the walk".

So here's to hoping you choose to go pro!

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