Thursday, November 28, 2019

Mission: Team-Building Workshop

Sometimes Marlo and I are asked,"what’s the most interesting gig you’ve done?" While some people might cite a television appearances or cruise ship contracts, for us it was working for the government. No, no, we weren’t given a secret mission or a license to kill (well, except maybe with laughter.) It all started with an email:
Hello, we're planning a 2-day regional conference for approximately 250 Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland employees. Our theme is "Together We’re Better," focusing on diversity and inclusion. Among the speakers and other sessions we're planning, we'd like to provide an entertaining session to add additional context to our message and provide some fun for the audience. Since you offer team building workshops, we were wondering how such a session might be tailored to a large group and our specific theme.
The Federal Reserve Bank. Of the United States. Well, this should be interesting! In doing research for the crowd that was coming, I gotta say - we were a bit intimidated. It seemed like every person in the building had accreditation out the wazoo - including multiple PHDs. Well, it makes sense. Who would YOU want to be in charge of fiscal decisions for the world’s biggest economy? But hey, everyone needs to relax and laugh, so…challenge accepted.

Marlo and I started our presentation with a half-hour version of our show, and were blown away by the audience’s positive reactions - especially when it came to the customized jokes we wrote for the occasion. We wrapped it all up with our glow-in-the-dark LED bit (which included a graphic of the U.S. Treasury logo.) When the lights went up, everyone in the room was on their feet. Talk about a successful mission! *Whew*

Next, it was time to get everyone working together in our juggling workshop. Normally, in our corporate team-building workshops, we pair attendees up to help with the process of learning their new skill to provide feedback and support to each other as they are learning. One watches the other as they execute their “moves.” This time we partnered people up, standing side-by side, essentially making each of them right-hand” or “left-hand”...actually learning simultaneously, and relying on each other for success! It went over just as well as the show, and these people that worked together all the time were able to relate in a new and light-hearted way. They even got to take home some custom-printed juggling balls to practice with. Win!!

So that, my friends, was the most interesting show that we’ve done. We helped folks that do serious work have serious fun...oh, and got to see the biggest bank-vault door in the world.